Traffic fines imposed by the GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF TRAFFIC can be paid, IN VOLUNTARY PERIOD (20 calendar days since the complaint was notified), in different ways and in different places: Online via card. By phone at 060. By mails. In person in cash or with a card, but EYE !, […]

Pay a DGT fine, where?

  The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has extended until January 31, 2020 the deadline for thousands of British citizens residing in Spain and wishing to travel through our country with their vehicle to exchange their driving license for a Spanish one. In the event that Brexit takes place, the […]

Thousands of drivers must change their license to continue driving ...

Buy quietly, we take care of the change of ownership of the vehicle! If you have bought a second-hand car, or want to sell your vehicle, you must make a change of ownership; That is a car transfer. It is an indispensable procedure to correctly and legally carry out the […]

Change of ownership of the vehicle / Cambio de titularidad ...

We cannot guess when you will need medical assistance to recover your health. What we are sure of is that you will receive all the care and attention you need. In SC INNOVA we have the CHEAPEST HEALTH INSURANCE WITHOUT CHEAPEST PAYMENTS ONLY € 29.57 / PER MONTH ———————  No […]


What to do in the face of natural disasters: requirements to be compensated. All victims can benefit from the economic compensation of this agency provided they meet these conditions: to begin with, it is necessary to have previously contracted some insurance branch (home, car, life or accidents) that covers these […]

What to do in the face of natural disasters: requirements ...

        When phenomena of this magnitude occur, the INSURANCE COMPENSATION CONSORTIUM intervenes, a public entity unique in Europe to which insurers periodically allocate funds to cover extraordinary claims caused by nature. If you are affected, continue reading in the next post … ¿Quién asume el coste de estas pérdidas? ¿Tienes […]

Who assumes the cost of these losses? Are you entitled ...

Hire your Life Insurance and choose the coverage that best suits your needs. More and more people are bearing the entire economic charge of the family, so we recommend life insurance, with which you will receive an economic mattress in case of disability or death. An increasingly contracted insurance to […]

What would my family do without me?

  Motorcycle and helmet The use of a seat belt is always mandatory. The protective helmet is mandatory whenever a motorcycle is driven. Drive the steering wheel with both hands. Do not get distracted. Do not lose your focus on the vehicles that go to the side and behind. To […]


What does this insurance offer? • Each community is different. And it requires different coverages. Communities insurance offers ample flexibility so you can adapt the insurance to the needs of your community. • Continuous assistance. In case you suffer any unforeseen events, we offer you an assistance service to your […]


In SC INNOVA we advance so that all opportunities are within your reach, to give you the best service and the best PRICE. Now at SC INNOVA, new insurance companies and, more news … Contact us and calculate with our vehicle, home, medical, life insurance comparator … We are not […]