CAR ON THE RUN: how to claim before a disaster.

Part 3

Not having insurance or past ITV are the main causes of the driver responsible for a traffic accident fleeing.

What does the Consortium cover in the event of a loss following the flight of the person responsible?

The Insurance Compensation Consortium indemnifies in case of traffic accident in very specific cases, depending on each case, and documentary evidence of the circumstances that motivate the claim to this entity, ALWAYS AND WHEN OUR VEHICLE IS subscribed an insurance policy, with any private insurance entity.

– If we have a traffic accident against a vehicle that circulates without compulsory insurance, the Consortium will pay us the compensation that corresponds to us for the material damages suffered as well as for injuries or personal injuries, regardless of whether they are more minor or more serious.

In the event of suffering an accident where the culprit is a stolen vehicle, the Insurance Compensation Consortium will indemnify us for personal injuries and material damages. If the stolen vehicle has occupants, they can only receive compensation if it is proven that they did not know that the vehicle in which they were traveling was stolen.

In the case of suffering an accident with a vehicle that runs away and from which we do not know your information, the Consortium will pay the corresponding compensation for personal injuries, and does not pay for property damage unless the victim remains over 7 days in hospital for the injuries suffered.